Statement on the Death of Carlos Ingram Lopez

The Maricopa County Branch-NAACP supports Tucson Branch NAACP and Mayor Regina Romero
(Tucson, Arizona) in the quest for police reform and community reconciliation in the unfortunate death
of Carlos Ingram-Lopez. Mr. Ingram-Lopez died in April and his death and questionable restraint
methods used by police officers have only been recently shared in the media. The Branch regrets
another human life lost in the custody of police or as a result of over-policing. We believe an
independent FBI investigation will better serve the community in obtaining a quick and thorough
During these intense and dangerous times, this is another tragic incident symbolizing a cry for leadership
on a national level that can influence police reform nation-wide. Police reforms that includes police
accountability and more de-escalating training are needed to enhance public safety. Additional
resources are also necessary to alleviate the need for police officers to respond to calls involving mental
health related crises.
Karen Hardin, Ed.D., Branch President
Princess Lucas-Wilson, MSW, CPM, 3rd Vice President, Criminal Justice Committee Chair