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Become a member of the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in America! For more than a century, NAACP members have fought and won many of the freedoms and equalities long denied a group of individuals. But the times ahead are just as critical as decades past. We need your help and your membership to fight the racial disparities that are still so prevalent in American education, jobs, housing, health care and the criminal justice system.

  1. Complete the form (this is a fillable PDF form that you can save and print).
  2. Select your membership level and include a check for the amount payable to: NAACP Maricopa County Branch
  3. Send your completed form and payment to:

NAACP Maricopa County Branch, Unit #1011
P.O. Box 20883
Phoenix, AZ 85036-0883

You are also welcome to submit a membership form and payment online by clicking here.

Make A Donation

The Maricopa County Branch NAACP is a civil rights organization. Since 1919, we have been fighting to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality rights are given to all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. The Civil Rights Movement didn’t just start in Montgomery, AL and end in the 60’s, it continues, but only with your help. So we personally ask you for your support.

Ways to support the Maricopa County Branch NAACP:

  1. Becoming and maintaining your membership. See the membership tab for more information and the cost.
  2. Supporting our largest fundraiser, the Freedom Fund Dinner, held in April of each year. Information is on the home page of this site.
  3. Make a tax-deductible contribution, you can donate on this page or send a check to NAACP, P. O. Box 20883, Phoenix, AZ 85036.
  4. Support our community events and efforts. They will be posted on this site monthly.
  5. Volunteer. Call the office at 602-252-4064 to see where your skills can be used to help us.

Remember, we are in this fight together and we can’t do nothing without your support, WE NEED YOU!

Thank you for your support.